An experiment designed and analysed by researchers at UCL


Katherine Templar Lewis 

Lead Scientist 

The Uncertainty Experts brings together psychology, neuroscience, CBT, empathy design and technology to create a show like no other, a live experiment in Uncertainty.

Katherine, an interdisciplinary cognitive scientist, explains how we embedded science into the Uncertainty Experts creating an evidence based intervention that can increase your Uncertainty Tolerance.

The Evidence

Uncertainty Experts is the world's biggest research into the effects of uncertainty. 

"Participants became more comfortable taking advantage of
uncertainty, and most importantly
more able to tackle uncertainty.”

Uncertainty Experts Research published by CIPD Applied Research Centre, prepared by Dr Avri Bilovich PhD, Decision Making Uncertainty Lab,UCL: Dealing with Uncertainty And Change.  (2022,) Pages 49 - 55

Meet the science team

Whilst Katherine might be the face of the science behind the scenes sit a formidable team including;

Dr Avri Bilovich
Principle Investigator

Centre for Understanding Decision Making in Uncertainty, University College London


Dr Vivienne Ming
Neuroscience Advisor 

Soco Labs. UC Berkley                                                                                                                                                                                       

Professor Daniel Richardson 
Experimental Design

Dept of Experimental Psychology, University College London                                                                    

Enni-Kukka Tuomala
Empathy Designer 

Interaction Foundry, Imperial College London             



Dr Stephen Dewitt
Research Associate 

Brain Sciences, University College London                                                              

Sarah Selby
Interaction Design 

Creative and Emerging Technology, University of West England                               

Rod Dickinson
Interaction Design

Digital Culture Research Center, University of the West England

Ross Godfrey
Neuroaesthetic Sound Design

Also known as Morcheeba