The world's biggest experiment in uncertainty

Explore the Science

The world's biggest experiment in uncertainty

Explore the Science

Uncertainty Experts’ purpose is to help individuals understand their relationship with uncertainty.

To help reduce anxiety, increase creativity and unlock innovation. To turn uncertainty into opportunity.

However, its purpose doesn’t stop at helping individuals. Uncertainty Experts is making an impact on a global scale; with over 20,000 people going through, it is in fact the world’s largest uncertainty experiment designed and analysed by scientists at University College London.  UCL 

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An experiment designed and analysed by researchers at UCL

Katherine Templar Lewis 

Lead Scientist 


The Uncertainty Experts brings together psychology, neuroscience, CBT, empathy design and technology to create a show like no other, a live experiment in Uncertainty.

Katherine, an interdisciplinary cognitive scientist, explains how we embedded science into the Uncertainty Experts creating an evidence based intervention that can increase your Uncertainty Tolerance.

Meet the science team

Whilst Katherine might be the face of the science behind the scenes sit a formidable team including;

Dr Avri Bilovich

Principle Investigator

Centre for Understanding Decision Making in Uncertainty, University College London

Dr Vivienne Ming

Neuroscience Advisor 

Soco Labs. UC Berkley 

Professor Daniel Richardson 

Experimental Design

Dept of Experimental Psychology, University College London 

Enni-Kukka Tuomala

Empathy Designer 

Interaction Foundry, Imperial College London

Dr Stephen Dewitt

Research Associate 

Brain Sciences, University College London

Sarah Selby

Interaction Design 

Creative and Emerging Technology, University of West England

Rod Dickinson

Interaction Design

Digital Culture Research Center, University of the West England

Ross Godfrey

Neuroaesthetic Sound Design

Also known as Morcheeba

Our team has already written two papers using this data, which have been peer reviewed and published, both by the CIPD. They have also presented findings to the CIPD, the Royal Society and XXXX.  

Read the CIPD Paper

Our Mission

We want to take the benefits of Uncertainty Experts to some of those who will be feeling it most; key workers, critical and essential workers.

When you buy a place on Uncertainty Experts you are helping us to deliver FREE OF CHARGE cohort based learning experiences to over 200 critical workers in the first half of the year alone. 

Are you facing challenging times? Are you; a key worker, unemployed or a student looking to help turn uncertainty into opportunities that could change the course of your life? Then we'd like to offer you an opportunity of 80% off or to pay what you can beyond that.

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