Learn how to turn uncertainty into opportunity in a super-immersive three-hour training backed by neuroscience.

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“A Mind-Blowing, Eye-Opening, Brain-Expanding Experience.” - Netflix

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Dave Calhoun

"I can tell you that it’s a challenging and surprising experience. It’s in one way a bold film event and, in others, it’s a community wellness project. It’s invigorating."


Jodie Cook

"So if uncertainty is certain, equip yourself to handle better anything thrown at you. Train yourself to love it."



Kiera Fields

"I used the techniques Uncertainty Experts taught me within hours of starting the course."



Uncertainty (the kind we’re dealing with every day) causes indecision, anxiety and self-doubt, while we lose confidence, connection, and productivity.

Uncertainty Experts will help to increase your resilience, motivation, creativity and get through hard times more easily.
Learn how we have changed 4500+ lives and measurably improved uncertainty tolerance by more than 40%.

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Gillian, Uncertainty Expert Participant 

"I have been really reflecting on and leaning into CNT and being curious about my reactions in my body to predictions going “right or wrong.” Really believing I have the ability to rewire my brain is giving me so much hope."


Emma Gannon, host of UK's No. 1 careers podcast

"The most inspiring thing about this project is that you learn the skills you need to be able to face uncertainty, rather than feel fear. Rather than let uncertainty take over, you can look for opportunity and suddenly be very pliable, creative, and be the best version of yourself."

    Anya, Uncertainty Experts participant

"I really do feel a day to day difference in how I’m embracing my own uncertainty bubble including; recovery from brain surgery, returning to work, the pandemic & home-schooling, redundancy and changing direction career wise in the longer term."


What can you expect from Uncertainty Experts?

Learn how to turn uncertainty into opportunity in a super-immersive three-hour learning documentary backed by neuroscience. 

1-3 weeks 

3 x 1 hour interactive documentary episodes released weekly. All with supporting content, suggested reading and learning materials.

4-8 weeks

5 x 20 minute mini 'on demand' episodes deep diving into the science behind your behaviour, with supporting learning materials. 

Final week

After completing three scientific assessments, you receive a fully customised Uncertainty Tolerance report showing your progress.        

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