Uncertainty Tolerance Can 
Transform Your Team

Uncertainty Experts is an inspirational way to help your team work through uncertainty and change, leading to increased performance, connection and well-being.

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Transform Your Team With Uncertainty Experts

Uncertainty is not the enemy – it's an opportunity for growth, innovation, and success. Introducing Uncertainty Experts, the transformative program designed to elevate your team's Uncertainty Tolerance, leading to increased performance, connection, and well-being.

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Uncertainty is the #1 driver of anxiety, inefficiency and burnout. And after the last few years your team have been to the edge of breaking point, and back. 

You’ve heard uncertainty can be the key to innovationproductivity and problem solving, but you just don’t know how to help the team embrace it. 

You are not alone. These are statistically the most uncertain times in human history and research shows greater uncertainty leaves organisations more fragile and individuals more overwhelmed. 

And your team is feeling it. Burnout is at an all time high and engagement is at an all time low, with every forecast predicting more uncertainty coming ahead.

The difference between uncertainty driving breakdown or breakthrough, comes down to one psychological trait; Uncertainty Tolerance 

Increasing Uncertainty Tolerance is proven to increase engagement, open mindedness, decisiveness, risk taking and resilience, and we can increase your whole team's Uncertainty Tolerance in five x 1 hour sessions.

Fast results. That really last. Backed by science. 

A team of scientists from UCL have designed our measures and co-created the programme to ensure maximum impact for participants. 

Verified results include; increased confidence, resilience, agility, creativity, wellbeing, open mindedness, risk taking, and self-belief.

All in less than five hours. 

Uncertainty Experts is a unique and transformative personal development experience bringing together neuroscientists from UCL with producers from Netflix to create the world’s first interactive documentary scientifically proven to increase Uncertainty Tolerance.

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Uncertainty to Opportunity Score:

The main score we look to increase reflecting your uncertainty tolerance and your overall ability to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

95% of participants saw an increase 

Agency in Uncertainty:

Self belief, which underpins motivation, resilience, and the outcome itself.  The higher the better.

56% average 
increase in self belief

Agility in Uncertainty:

The main score we look to increase reflecting your uncertainty tolerance and your overall ability to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

95% of participants saw an increase

Bravery in Uncertainty:

Confidence to enter and stay in the unknown, in hope of a possible future reward, despite the fear of failure.

90% of participants saw an increase

Uncertainty Experts is 
scientifically validated 
and published.

A peer reviewed published paper on the efficacy of Uncertainty Experts, against a robust control group found unequivocally that the program delivered a statistically significant increase in Uncertainty Tolerance.

“An innovative programme which can be delivered to large numbers of individuals and shown to improve attitudes, beliefs and behaviours around uncertainty. It increases positive emotions and self-efficacy towards uncertainty and changes behaviours and responses to risk and uncertainty tolerance"

Transforming Uncertainty from Negative to Positive. Bilovich & Dewitt. 2022

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Your Guides on Uncertainty Experts

Sam Conniff: written and presented by best selling author, award winning entrepreneur, consultant to global brands and mentor to start ups.


Katherine Templar Lewis: Cognitive Scientist and our Chief Science Officer and Co-Presenter, leading the scientific research on screen and behind the scenes.

About Sam
About Katherine

Uncertainty Experts will: 

  1. Align measures of Uncertainty Tolerance with your team KPI's.
  2. Help your team gain an understanding of their behaviours.
  3. Give them the tools, time and prompts for safe anonymous personal reflection.
  4. Share stories from inspirational people who have faced great uncertainty.
  5. Provide practical advice on how to embed new knowledge into everyday life.
  6. Increase team confidence, productivity, creativity and positive mindset.

This is how we can increase your team's Uncertainty Tolerance, within just five hours.

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How is Uncertainty Experts changing lives?

“I've got 20 years of leadership experience, I've never seen, heard or completed anything like this. I've been arguing the world has to wake up to what comes after resilience and I think Uncertainty Experts may well be the answer."

“I am blown away about it all and have taken so many learnings into my personal and work life. I have also been telling friends and colleagues about it and a number of them have signed up. Keep up this amazing work, it is mind blowing and life changing."

"A thought-provoking experience that will make you see uncertainty in a new light and be better at dealing with it. An essential skill for the increasingly uncertain times we live in."

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Uncertainty Experts will:

Help gain an understanding of why we behave the way we do.

Give the tools, time and prompts for safe anonymous personal reflection.

Share stories from inspirational people who have faced great uncertainty.

Provide practical advice on how to embed this new knowledge into everyday life.

Increase confidence, productivity, creativity and positive mindset.

Increase team confidence, productivity, creativity and positive mindset.

This is how we can turn uncertainty into  opportunity, within just three hours, on your own terms.

What's included with Uncertainty Experts for your team?

1 hour Live Launch with Best Selling Author and creator, Sam Conniff and our Lead Scientist Katherine Templar Lewis. You will hear why uncertainty is the key to unlocking a more successful future and set you up on your Uncertainty Experts journey, starting with our scientific assessment.

Private Uncertainty Experts Community Group: throughout you experience the Uncertainty Experts team will share additional content and answer your questions whilst you go through the series, and give you the chance to connect with other people going through the same experience.

Three x 1 hour interactive documentary episodes to watch on-demand: Episodes that dive into the states we face dealing with uncertainty: Fear, Fog and Stasis and reveal the all important tools to turn uncertainty to opportunity. Watch on your own schedule over a month. 

Live Application Session: An hour long session with Sam Conniff and Katherine Templar Lewis.  Your team have completed the pre assessment, watched the on-demand episodes  It’s time to talk about how to apply this going forward as a team.

Bonus content: 10 additional hours of bonus content including five specially designed mini episodes to dive deeper into the theory and practice you need to improve your attitude to uncertainty and unlock opportunity.

Personal reports (three) throughout your journey: We will measure your pre series scores, post series and a longer range final assessment to see how your experience has shifted your scores in key measures that impact; self belief, positive mindset, confidence and the all important Uncertainty to Opportunity Score (UTOS).

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See a Sample Uncertainty Experts schedule here:

In Summary:

  • For teams of anywhere between 20 and 2,000, recent clients include Netflix, Apple, Nike and Nestle.
  • 5 x one hour virtual sessions (2 live & 3 pre-recorded) suited to any timezone.
  • Additional 10 hours of bonus content and additional material, worksheets, toolkits.
  • Experienced as a unique, entertaining and immersive and interactive documentary.
  • Backed by scientific research and evidence, from the Decision Making in Uncertainty Centre UCL, with peer reviewed and published results proving efficacy and statistically significant results.
  • Cohort-based Courses begin at £25,000 (Average cohort of 200 equals £10 per hour per learner)

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