“The best program to optimise people for change.”

Robin Lilley, Global Head of L&D, Coca Cola.

Uncertainty Experts is a transformational immersive learning experience, that measurably increases Uncertainty Tolerance.

A cohort-based learning experience

  • Designed to your business KPI's
  • Delivered via live and self directed learning for your teams
  • All supported with a facilitated community to stimulate discussion and growth
  • A programme that delivers better performing teams, growth and increased wellbeing in one solution 


Launch Event

Launch showcase, leading to pre-series assessment and initial results.  Gaining buy-in across the team.                                                      

Three part, weekly immersive learning documentary series

Watching (and interacting) the three weekly doc episodes (+ optional additional content).


Results Reveal 

Post-series assessments and live Q&A webinar to explore results and recommendations.

Integration, reflection & application

Five weeks of mini integration episodes based on FAQ’s followed by six week assessment.                                               


Weekly content designed to stimulate changes in attitude to uncertainty.

“It lifted a lot of exhausted people with a practical message of positivity.”

Pete Kilburn - EMEA Transformation Director

  “This is how you motivate a team to find new levels of resilience across different time zones.”

Nick Hampton, CEO



“A Mind-Blowing, Eye-Opening, Brain-Expanding Experience.”

Sophie Taitt, Global Director, Strategy & Operations

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Sam Conniff is also available for keynotes and events

Leading in Uncertainty: How to manage energy, improve decision making and lead grow your empathy.

Post Resilience: Why Uncertainty Tolerance is the key to long term wellbeing and mental fitness.

Innovation amidst Uncertainty: How to drive creativity, problem-solving and breakthrough thinking.

Transformation and Teams: How embracing uncertainty optimises people for thriving through change.

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