Improve your team’s creativity, productivity and resilience
(in just 3 hours).

“It lifted a lot of exhausted people with a practical message of positivity.”

Pete Kilburn - EMEA Transformation Director

  “This is how you motivate a team to find new levels of resilience across different time zones.”

Nick Hampton, CEO



“A Mind-Blowing, Eye-Opening, Brain-Expanding Experience.”

Sophie Taitt, Global Director, Strategy & Operations

How can we continue with business as usual, when we’ve never been less certain?

Uncertainty is the number one driver of anxiety, instability and inactivity.

But when harnessed and leveraged properly, uncertainty can also unlock creativity, empathy and opportunity.

Times of great uncertainty are also times of great innovation.

Measurable benefits

Practical skills


Meta Cognition

Including; self awareness, learning ability, growth mindset & critical thinking.  

Emotional Regulation 

Including; emotional resilience, interoception and managing maladaptive behaviours.


Decision Making

Including; judgement, critical reflection, and emotional intelligence.

Behaviour Change 


Risk-Taking Ability

Including; improved attitude and aptitude for taking managed risks.



Including; improved agility, adaptiveness and transformation readiness.



Including; reduced discomfort with ambiguity and closed-mindedness.

Attitudinal shift



Improvements in collaborative skills, empathy and feelings of engagement.


Growth Mindset

Increase in learning ability and awareness of thought patterns and processes.


Self Belief 

Uplift in belief, ambition, agency and ability to transform uncertainty.

*Evidence taken from the pilot series evaluation by Dr Avri Bilovich, PHD. Brain Sciences Dept, UCL.

Interactive training, backed by neuroscience, bolstered by psychology and sustained with self-guided tools.

Three one-hour sessions, one per week, with bonus materials for further reflection and advice your team can put to use that same day.

Between sessions and long after the training is over, your team can continue to engage with the course materials and tools, finding something new each time they return.

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